Our history

The roots of the team behind Crowd Real Estate are related to the law firm Sadkowski & Partners and originate in 2004.

In 2015, the services of the law firm have been extended by financial analysis. This is also the period when the leaders of Crowd Real Estate – Artur, Mariusz and Piotr have joined the team. Thanks to our experience and practice obtained by acquiring financing for investors and developers, we have observed the need for a new quality on the market – a platform connecting the project owners and investors, together developing the Polish real estate market.

We have converted this vision into action and so, in October 2019 Crowd Real Estate was created – the first Polish platform allowing developers and real estate investors to acquire capital on the rules of debt-based crowdfunding.

The goal of our platform is providing the project owners and investors with an environment for bilateral benefits in the atmosphere of mutual trust and safety, which is possible thanks to strong securities of the investments and to the interdisciplinary knowledge of the Sadkowski Group members overseeing the project.

Our team:

Piotr Miłak

Chief Financial Officer

Expert within the field of corporate finance and real estate with a lengthy professional experience (analyst and decision-maker in crediting processes, investment and risk management) in one of the leading finance institutions and in the largest vindicating company in Poland. Conducts corporate financial Due Diligence and security and liability researches along with their value assessments. Builds business models, creates vindication strategies and recommends investment decisions valued up to 500 mln PLN.