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270 mln zł
value of completed project
90 000 000
amount of financing acquired
7 000 000
revenue of the investors

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Crowd Real Estate users have high comfort thanks to the institution of a Collateral Administrator who represents the lender’s interests and possesses a large choice of tools at his disposal, including: mortgage, transfer of ownership, surety, submission to execution (§ 777 of the civil code), pledge on the shares, promissory note, preliminary sale agreement. Additionally, the borrower’s business history and criminal record is verified.

Verified projects

Before any project is approved, it is thoroughly verified by a team of lawyers and business analysts.

We publish only verified, liquid, well located projects – in accordance with our precautious business approach, meeting the requirement of securing an adequate value of collaterals for the lenders.


Our platform aims to create a community connecting the Borrowers with the Lenders believing in their projects.

Without middlemen, without unnecessary processes. The platform provides both sides with an environment to form direct relationships formed through their individual user accounts.


We provide unique promotion on a media platform of extraordinary profile. We create a financially and emotionally engaged community, constituting a reference and commercial basis of your business.

Our community will constitute a ready group of your future client’s, almost on par with a loyalty programme, ensuring a group of renters or buyers for your project. Thanks to our platform, your project will reach up to 1,5 million potential investors!

Effective processes

Our borrowing process is accessible and transparent – after a short registration you will receive full access to information about all projects on the website. Thanks to them, you will possess information allowing you to make correct business decision.

After accepting the agreements, you will be able to lend any amount from 1000 PLN by transferring it to a dedicated ESCROW account and after the campaign’s end enjoy your returns in the amount agreed upfront.

Dedicated team

Our team has interdisciplinary experience in conducting investment and finance projects. As part of our contemporary activity, we have conducted projects with a total value of 270 mln PLN. We helped our investors to acquire financing and to invest a total of 90 mln PLN, which allowed them to complete 23 projects and earn profits valued at 7 000 000 PLN.

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